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Birdhaus Media began as a project to preserve jazz stories.  The last few years, it has evolved into a full pre and post production house specialized in preserving legacy stories.  I am the new kid on the block, just launching November of 2016,   Having a varied background that spans staffing high tech startups in Silicon Valley, Brand Marketing, raising my three children alone after the early loss of my wife, completing a Masters Degree from Regis University in Qualitative Research and Visual Anthropology (2016), to having produced three full length films, my passion is for preserving stories that change lives.  Stories that help you  "Come Alive"


Having begun in the recruiting industry, with a background in high tech startups,  I am specialized in hiring the best talent for the project.  Though I have a cadre of talendted individuals that I regularly use,  I believe the flexibility to hire the individuals with the greatest "fit" for each project     enables me to focus on the quality as the first priority.  There are plenty of firms with camera's.  I specialize in bringing the best talent, equipment, and experience to each project.   Over the years we have also developed a strong network of connections with other professionals in the field so there are no restrictions on what we can provide.



Each project is entered into as a partnership. Our number one concern is to deliver what you dream of accomplishing.  I will never dissuade you from what you desire simply because it is more work, I am always happy to do the research needed to create something new and innovative.  Though I am not the most experienced in Denver, I am the most uniquely specialized in telling your story.



I have Produced and Directed three full length films. I kw how to hire the best talent and gt the job done, on time, on budget, and exceed expectations.



From photo archiving to end of life interviews,  I focus on doing what I know; preserving legacies and applied anthropology.




This is my passion; preserving legacy stories.  There are plenty of people that claim they are story tellers.  The truth is, you are the story teller, my job is help you preserve your story.



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