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Commercial Work

people don't repsond to sympathetic messaging anymore,but they seek and embrace empathy


Meet Troy Guard


I've done a variety of commercial work.  This project, however, is one that I am especially proud to share with you because it exemplifies how we seek the story behind the story that motivates your customers to connect with your product.


The call came in at 2:30 pm on Wednesday afternoon.  Frog Design needed a bio on restaurateur Troy Guard for Anthony Bordain's new show.  There were a couple of twists that made the assignment a bit more challenging; One, they needed it in New York in twenty-four hours.  That was the type of challenge that is resolved by hard work.


The second challenge was why I enjoy this type of project; they needed a list of ten questions answered by Troy, with an understanding that the Food Network receives one thousand vid's a week and they didn't want to see the same question and answer format.


This is where commercials become applied anthropology with the interest of uncovering motivation and meaning.

I grabbed a camera, and two of us ran up the street, shot, interviewed, and turned it around in few hours.


Frog Design loved the finished product.  We successfully uncovered the true motivation for what drives Troy to such success; passing it down.  Paying it forward.  Enjoy this intimate introduction to Troy Guard.


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Commercial Work